How to Learn English Fast? (3 simple steps)

In this modern world, everyone one of us has to face criticality, because of lower knowledge in English. If we want to take higher education on any subject, we are to be experts in English. Moreover, if we’re going to be a freelancer, want to work on the internet, want to go to abroad, wish to keep pace with this globalized world English is a must. It’s challenging to learn a foreign language. But if you learn correctly, you can be fluent in English in a short time.

Today I’m going to teach you some tricks and ideas with what you will be able to learn English fast.

I will divide my suggestions in Three  segments-

  1. Spoken English (Speak English fluently)
  2. Phonetics (classification of speech sounds)
  3. Written English 

1. Spoken English

In case you want to speak English without getting stuck you have to follow the following instructions –

A. Listen as Much as You Can

how to learn English fast by listening as much as you can

Listening to conversations in English is one of the most effective ways to build your vocabulary and speaking skills. For quick tips for working listening into your preparation time, check out this video from youtube, watch English television news channels like The BBC Channel, The CNN Channel. Keep subscribing to such podcasts or youtube channels.

B. Read English Loudly

When you use to read any English articles, newspapers or books, you have to read it loudly. Then the words and the sentences will remain saved in your subconscious mind, and when you take or chat with someone in English, the words and the sentences will automatically come out from your subconscious mind.

C. Practice Presentation before mirror

You have to deliver some speech in from of your big mirror at home on newer and newer topics regularly. It is a must to be fluent in any language.

D. Practice English with a partner

Study partners can help each other understand different topics, talk through questions, and practice English skills. Find others in your area who are learning English. You can use the Speaker App to communicate with foreigners in voice calls.

E. Believe in yourself

Confidence in yourself is one of your greatest assets toward achieving your goals. Take risks, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are simply opportunities to learn! Before you know it, you will be speaking English with total confidence.

2. Phonetics:

There are many types of phonetics in the world like American style, British style, Indian style etc. However, there are 44 phonetics sounds, and they have different symbols. Sounds can’t be taught here. Search in Youtube or Google “ 44 Phonetics sounds “ then you will get some idea about this. To learn English fast, you can take help of online or offline phonetics courses. They will prepare you within one month. Phonetics will make you like an English man, and no one could capitalize that English is not your mother tongue.

3. Written English:

Written English is necessary for every walk of our life. But people find it very difficult. Though from school to your end of life you write English, you remain weaker in English. That’s why you don’t know grammar. At least you have to know the basics of English Grammar.

You have to know the correct use of Articles, Pronouns, Prepositions, Tens, Right form of verbs, Clause, Modal Auxiliaries, Conditionals, Voice, Transformation of Sentences, Punctuation, and Capitalization. Don’t worry; you just need to know the basics, you find it difficult because your mind tells you “Oh, My boy, the grammar is a bull sheet, you can’t learn it”. But believe me, you can do it, just regularly read the rules and speak the example sentences loudly. If you learn the primary basics of these grammatical rules, you will be able to write English articles without making mistakes.

Last, of all I must say, believe in yourself, then everything will be easy for you. To capitalize this, every day before starting reading deliver this oath loudly—

“I am the best
I can do this
Almighty is always with me
Today is my day“

If this article is helpful for you, please post a comment and share it with your friends. Thank you. 

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