How to Learn Coding Fast & Effectively ( 4 Easy and Simple tips )

This is one of the most popular questions from the Beginner. Every beginner wants to learn coding fast. They feel many questions like: How long does it take to learn coding, How to learn coding fast, How to learn programming in 1 week… In this post, I will answer all of these questions, and I will teach you how to learn coding fast and effectively.

Without wasting your time, here are some tips or advice to help you learn programming or coding fast.

Plans & Practices

This tip is the most important one. Frist take a decision which programming language you should learn according to your future plan. If you want to build an android application, then Java will be best for you. If you want yo develop a website, then PHP, javascript (more) these will be good for you. So, first, choose a language. You can use google to know more or comment in this post.

After choosing a language, you have to plan how you will learn the language. You can learn from Youtube, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Codeacademy or any source. I prefer to follow a sequence/ Course. If you follow youtube without a plan, you will be lost in learning. If you follow a course, then you won’t be lost. You will have a sequence to follow, which is very important.

After planning your learning source, you should follow a routine or fix a specific time for learning coding every day. Doesn’t matter what happens, you should learn and practice coding on that specific time. After learning one topic, practice it and solve problems as many as you can. Write code as much as you can. After finishing a chapter, try to build/complete some projects on that chapter. You can find many projects online. 

Pick only one language

Pick just one language and stick with it. Don’t learn Java for a week then jump to python then jump to c then jump to PHP all within three months. Most of the learner does this mistake. If you think Java is a good fit for you, then choose it and stick into it. If you think python is a good fit for you, then start learning python and stick into it. The main point is to stick with it.

Teach what you learn

It sounds simple, but this is very powerful and my favourite technique. If you learn something to teach others, you can learn that effectively. Not only for the coding, but this technique also works for anything you want to learn fast and effectively. Suppose you have learned about loops. If you can teach this to anybody, that means you actually understand it. If you can’t teach it, that means there are some holes in understanding in that specific content. It is not as simple as that. Teaching is a skill, and you have to develop it. By teaching, you can develop a new skill, and also you can earn money.

Don’t Quit learning

learn coding fast and don't quit

The only reason most people fail or can’t learn coding fast is quitting. Many students start learning coding for some weeks and quit. Then again, after some months, they start learning coding. This is how they can’t learn code fast. Keep determination and Confidence in yourself. Keep a target, follow your plan and track your progress. These will help you not to quit learning programming. Don’t quit and use these tips, I am sure you will be able to learn coding fast and effectively. If you face any problem to understand an y code, search on google for the solution. Join different Facebook groups related to programming

Thank you for reading this article. Please comment your thought.

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