5 Best FREE Web Development Courses in 2020 (Hand Picked)

Without Wasting your time, Here is the list of 5 Best FREE Web Development Courses in 2020. I have done huge research and taken many reviews while making this list. I am sure, you will like this list and it will help you to learn Web Development in easy way. We are not generating any revenues from these links. I recommend you to read this full article.

  1. Computer Science for Web Programming(Videos Available on Youtube)
  2. EDX FREE Web development courses
  3. Coursera Free Web Development Courses
  4. FreeCodeCamp Web Development Tutorial
  5. Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites

You already have the list of best web development courses. But I recommend to read this full articles and then take decision. You should follow only one course at a time. If you want to learn Web Development there are many sactor. First choose What should you learn. Which Language should you learn then choose course.

Here I am giving you a Fast Track to be a Web Developer. First Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. Then Learn ReactJS. It will allow you to design Back-end as well as front-end. You will enjoy learning web development but you should keep patient and keep practicing. Practices is the most important part in self-learning. It will define wether you will be successfull or not. So keep these advice in your mind.

1. Computer Science for Web Programming

This course is my favorite. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you want to be, you should do this: CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science Course first.

Best FREE Web Development Courses from Harvard University

This course is Created by the best lecturer of the World David J. Malan (Harvard University). It’s completely FREE and Videos are available on YouTube also. But you should go to EDX.ORG and Create a FREE account there. You can enjoy any course there but if you want to earn a certificate then you will have to pay. You will get full features of the course without the Cirtificate. there are quizzes and problems available. I am sure you will enjoy this course. Very interactive and It will not bore you.

2. EDX FREE Web Development Courses

FREE Web Development Courses from EDX

I think you already know about EDX.ORD. It is one of the biggest E-Learning online platform. Many Courese of Big and Reputed University like: Harvard, MIT, Stanford are available and You can learn for FREE. No Money needed. First do planning and then take the best course from this website.

3. Coursera Free Web Development Courses

Coursera is similar to EDX. But the Courses are not completely FREE. You can enjoy it for a month. Coursera is good for E-Learning. You can earn cirtificate. For Web Development, You can choose any of these courses according to your needs. You can see 250K students attended and 4.8+ star reviews.

4. FreeCodeCamp Web Development Tutorial

If you want to learn Web Development fast and don’t to watch videos hours after hours, then this course is perfect for you. This course is more practical and lots of Quizzes and Practice problems, projects are available. The course is completely FREE and you can earn certificate. Only this Website is Enough to be a Beginner Level Web Developer. The Structure of this course is very good and powerful.

5. Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites

FREE Web Development Courses from UDEMY PHP Development

Code Your Very Own Dynamic Websites by Learning PHP Through Real-World Application & Examples. This Web Development Course is from Udemy. The instructor is very funny person and has a good Sense of humor. You can learn with FUN. If you want to be a PHP Developer then Must do this course. Course length is 6-7 hours and You will have a good idea about php dynamic web development. Just audit the course and i am sure you will be interested to complete the course.

Before you start some words from me:

First take decision about what should you learn. then decide which language suits you best according to your target. Don’t just depend on these course, if you face any problem search them on Youtube or Google for solution. Keep patient and Work hard, You will succeed. Check our other articles.

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