6 Best Digital Art Classes And Courses 2020 [Latest]

In this era of digital technology, mostly every sector of life is digitalized. It is also true about the arts. Nowadays modern artists are using digital platforms to present and share their exclusive art pieces. Art is not limited to canvas, watercolors, and brushes.

If we look into definition, digital art comes into existence when artists use technology to create his art or when his hand made art is presented to the world through the medium of modern technology. However there’s no doubt about the benefits of digitalization of art. People often confuse digital art with graphic design. The distinguishing feature of digital art is that it is not static like graphic design. It includes movement, animation and even audio.

Are you into making animation videos? Or do you have a crazy passion for art? well, it’s time to turn your passion into profession. We have listed 6 best digital art classes and courses for you. Check it out the list of Best Digital Art Classes.

  1. The ultimate digital painting course-Udemy
  2. grow your digital painting skill-Pluralsight
  3. CGMA: digital painting
  4. complete beginner’s guide to digital painting-Udemy
  5. Pencil Kings
  6. Paintable’s digital painting academy

The ultimate digital painting course:

Best Digital Art Classes and courses

Are you a beginner with little knowledge in the field of digital art? Or are you someone who has a decent skill in digital art software but still eager to learn new tricks? Doesn’t matter whoever you are, Udemy has brought for you the perfect course. This course will guide a beginner throughout his ride to become a pro.  So why are you waiting,  start your course with Udemy?

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Downloadable resources.
  • Full life-time access.
  • Certificate after completion.
  • You’ll learn digital painting technologies, drawing fundamentals, how to create concept art, character design, color theory, perspective.
  • The course starts with the fundamentals of digital painting which is amazing for beginners.
  • You can learn 1,2,3 point perspective.
  • They teach complex color theory very easily with the help of simplifying tricks.

Grow your digital painting skills-pluralsight

Their best features:

  • Free trial option. You can cancel without billing.
  • It covers 2D,3D, anime, modeling, game design, and everything.
  • A detailed course on storyboarding in PS CC.
  • They provide you Pluralsight IQ test to identify your gaps and skill level.
  • Hands-on learning opportunity.
  • Thousands of in-depth courses run by experts.

But you’ll require CS4 and later software.
Pluralsight promises to simplify your whole learning and give you the positive, full of energy environment.

CGMA: Digital Painting

Digital artists don’t have to work in a certain location.They can even work from home and earn good money.

CGMA Digital Painting Course is more like an online art school. You will be provided with the best learning experience. But this course is not for beginners who have no basic concept.

Their features:

  • All courses are unique. They provide live training with instructors.
  • They release new videos every week.
  • You will be given homework which will be critiqued by the instructors.
  • Closest to an online school.
  • Required software : photoshop, wacom(on drawing tablet)
  • Solid drawing skills are crucial.
  • It is not beginners. You must take fundamental courses first.

If you want to experience learning in an online school at a cheaper rate you should probably consider this course.

Complete beginner’s guide to Digital Art (Udemy):

Udemy is a platform that has something for everyone. So don’t worry about not being advanced in digital art software. This course is specially designed by experts to give a novice complete understanding of the subject.

Their features:

  • They will provide you knowledge about basic line drawing, simple shapes, the relationship between lines and shapes.
  • They also teach basic of the digital art software and the basic of digital coloring.
  • Certificate of completion
  • Accessible on mobile and TV
  • They help you to know how to use a sketchbook pro.
  • They learn to think like an artist and be a problem solver.
  • It is a new section for 1 st time table users. It is an introduction to not only “Digital Art” but also art in general.

You will start with the novice and end with the mentality and skills of a professional. There is no Quick Fix or Shortcuts to make great art. It’s work but it’s fun work. It is not for them who are not serious, seek shortcuts, looking to speed paint and most of all don’t want to put effort.

Paintable’s Digital Panting Academy Course

Do you want to be an artist who has his own way of painting? Then congrats, you are like most of the artists and this would be the best course for you. This is a comprehensive training session from Paintable CC. They cover almost every step of creating a professional-level artwork phenomenally.

Their features:

  • They provide Q and A sessions, general guideline and critiques.
  • Best course for self motivated artists.
  • It’s a professional Academy. They not only offer tricks but show you how to use them.
  • Paintable’s websites are impressive due to being clear and concise.
  • They will also inspire you through motivational posts.

Digital Painting Academy is worth investing in. It could be the difference between your ‘someday’ artwork to ‘today’ masterpiece.

Find Best Courses

Pencil Kings

There is no doubt that among all the courses mentioned Pencil Kings is the best platform for beginners. Best Digital Art Classes for beginners

It is a massive community comprises of people from all skill levels ready to share their tips, advice, and also critique on your workpiece. They have topics like portraits, illustrators and concepts of art.

Their features:

  • Popular for beginner digital painting for newbies.
  • Opportunity to learn from Jede Mere.
  • Learn basic techniques such as, how to use brush in photoshop, how to draw solid with layers.
  • Clear and easy video.
  • Buy for flat free or through monthly subscription.its worth subscribing.
  • By subscribing you get acces to forums. The only place to find genuine critiques.
  • It’s cheap.

Surely you will wonder at how much and how fast you have learned. Digital art is different from traditional art in so many ways. Even if you have no background in oil or watercolors, you can create art. If you are dreaming about creating professional quality art, don’t just dream. Enroll in a course you like and explore your creativity.

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