Best Way to Learn Italian

Learning a new language can be daunting, and at times, frustrating. However, once you start to understand the basics & begin to widen your vocabulary, things begin to make sense. I wouldn’t say it becomes ‘easier’ as I’ve still days when my brain simply refuses to function in Italian. What I would say, is that after a period, you’ll find that you’ll make fewer mistakes. And this, for me, is a sign you’re doing something right.

If you’re also thinking about learning Italian, you may find the following 4 KEY points a good starting point.

1. Take a course

If you’re learning Italian completely from scratch, taking a course, like those offered at Listen and Learn is a good start. And Studying in a group setting, and with others at the same language level, makes it less overwhelming, and more fun. What’s more, you can ask your teacher about any questions you have and get an answer straight away.

2. Download a language app

Using a language app is another best way of learning Italian.

I wouldn’t say it’s the very good way, because it misses out on key elements sometimes – namely human interaction. Repeating phrases with a robotic voice have nothing on conversing in real time with an expert tutor.

Normally, Language apps are good as a side resource. They fill in the gaps between classes & are useful for refreshing your memory on a subject.

3. Listen to podcasts

When I first started learning Italian, I also found it useful to listen to podcasts. There are tons of good ones online, and for every level too. The beauty of having a podcast, is that you can listen to it anywhere. I listened to several at the beginning, while on the train, walking to work, and even in the gym.

4. Try to Speak or Talk

Ultimately, the best way to learn Italian is just to start speaking.

Practicing a new language is essential & holds the key to speaking fluently. Even if you don’t have Italian friends, or a partner, it’s still possible to learn the language.

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